Valentines day Status in English

Valentine hearts beat more passionately than everyday heart.

The richest love is that which submits to the arbitration of time Happy Valentine s Day.

You are the kindest and most precious person I ve ever met Will you be my Valentine.

Yes I want the disposal of my love proposal this Valentine s Day.

Love is not finding someone to live with it s finding someone you can t live without.

Distance isn t an issue because in the end I have you.

Let us always meet each other with a smile for a smile is the beginning of love.

Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

Love is the happiness of today and promise of tomorrow so this warm note comes to U to say that you must live life with a heart full of love Happy Valentine s Day my love.

Falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world Finding you is the first.

I love you always and forever Happy Valentine s Day.

Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other.

Trip over love you can get up Fall in love and you fall forever.

You make me complete I love you so much I didn t know what love meant until I met you.

I don t like waiting I m so impatient But I ll wait forever as long as I end up with you.

If a girl leans toward you kiss her If her hand is free hold it If she s upset hug her until she is okay.

When you are with me you make me perfect I love you.

My six-word love story I can t imagine life without you.

You mean so much to me Make sure you don t forget that.

Being in love with you makes every day an interesting one.

You are the prince I ve dreamt of finding ever since I was a little girl.

You are the most beautiful thing that happened in my life I couldn t imagine a life without you by my side Happy Valentine s Day my wifey.

As the messages of beauty and love spread around I am sure I am the luckiest man in the earth Happy valentines day.

When you suddenly kiss me for no reason it s the best surprise attack ever and I live for it Happy Valentine s Day.

Let me kiss you and wash away all the bitterness inside you and fill it with everything good and sweet.

Happy Valentine s Day to the sweetest valentine I could want You are my sweetheart and I am glad you re mine.

My love for you is so real and it makes me want to do unreal things like jumping on the clouds and climbing the rainbow I love you.

Love surrounds us like the light We are warmed by the charm of our devotion Wish you a happy valentine s day.